Short Course on Tokens – What You Should Know

What’s Up with AA Milestone Tokens? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has not recognized the chip system in an official manner in any way but it is still used around the country, and everywhere in the world for that matter, to mark major milestones in recovery. The AA milestone tokens come in several varieties signifying and confirming the periods of sobriety. Normally as big as a poker chip, these special medallions are oftentimes handed out by the home group, spiritual guides, close friends or family members of those in recovery. It has two objectives which are to commemorate the accomplishment and to strengthen the recipient’s commitment to his or her personal recovery. Many say that the chip system originated from Indianapolis in 1942 but its exact beginning is practically impossible to determine. There is the story that Alcoholics Anonymous was started in Indianapolis by Doherty S. in the early 1940’s. Writing to Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W., Doherty made reference to the practice of handing out “tokens” and “chips.” The AA milestone token becomes the symbol of membership of so many anonymous people around the world. Although it is irrelevant to many, the keepsake is a very valuable to the receiver. The road to recovery with the help of the fellowship of anonymous peers can be marked with a silver colored aluminum 24 Hour Token that stands for a whole day of sobriety. The beneficiary can keep the twenty-four hour token for a lifetime as a quiet representation of his or her AA way of life.
Discovering The Truth About Tokens
From the 24 Hour Token, a series of anodized aluminum tokens follows representing monthly accomplishments in recovery. One month of sobriety is commemorated with a red anodized aluminum chip. Two months of abstinence is celebrated with a gold anodized aluminum medallion. Staying sober for three months is commemorated with an emerald green anodized coin. Abstaining for six months is observed with a dark blue aluminum token. Nine months of soberness is remembered with a purple aluminum chip which is customarily the last token made of aluminum.
The Essentials of Resources – The Basics
When an AA member finishes one year of continued sobriety, the anniversary celebration is marked with a Bronze Yearly AA Token. The token comes in medallion form and is often referred to as “heavy metal” because of its weight and the symbolism of reaching one’s birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous. The annual bronze token is commonly presented by the sponsor who also gives a cake and a short speech about the recipient. For very momentous sobriety anniversaries, there is the Brilliant Triplate Medallion. As befits such occasions, the Triplate AA Token is the most fanciful and most expensive in terms of design and cost. Each AA token is a miracle for an alcoholic predisposed to die drunk.